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5 Reasons You Should Take A Sabbatical At Least Once In Your Career


Do you often feel you’ve been running too fast for too long? Are you now tired of climbing the unending stairway to success? More importantly, do you now get the urge to take a career sabbatical? If yes, you’re not alone in this sentiment; many working professionals will empathise with your situation.

Even thinking about taking a sabbatical can be scary. For most it is the thoughts of missing out on the regular paychecks. However, taking a career break for an extended period may well be one of the best decisions of your life. Here’s why:

Take a Sabbatical For a Career-reboot

Most of us can’t wait to become financially independent as soon as we graduate. Result? Some people end up making a hasty decision while choosing their profession early on in their lives, only to regret it later. In later years, the unhappy professional life makes way for low productivity and poor performance and a shaken work-life balance. Feels like your story? Taking a sabbatical can help. The break will allow you to revisit the decision made in your youth, and restart your career in a field of your choice where you will be happier and content like never before!

Health is Wealth – the most important reason to take a Sabbatical

Do you suffer from chronic back aches or a stiff neck? Do you often feel on the verge of depressions and/or anxiety? If yes, then you, my friend, need help. Tight deadlines, erratic schedules, skipped leaves take a toll on an employee’s health — both physical and mental. No wonder being exposed to oodles of work could be the reason for your deteriorating health. Money is important, and we don’t deny that. But what good is money that doesn’t allow you to remain health in both body and mind? Well, the solution to this could be taking that much-needed break as it will be a blessing to sustain your overall health. Try it.


To Travel Is To Heal (power of a Sabbatical)

Some people spend ten years at work with a successful career and sufficient income. At the same time, some lose their zest for work and start to feel dissatisfied or stressed (mid-life crisis!). Such mental stress can even go on to take the shape of anxiety or depression. Taking a sabbatical to travel and spend some time away from the often daunting work environment can be great to attain that peace of mind. You may even take this career break to live in your dream location, such as by the ocean, by taking a house on rent using options, such as some of these favorites on the Outer Bank. It can be truly therapeutic. 

Gain a Broadened Perspective with a Sabbatical

Admit it or not, the utter monotony of a work-life can bore the most gregarious types. So, if your work-life balance seems to be shaken too and you’re sensing an unfulfilled career, the sabbatical may come to your rescue. It will help broaden your perspective about not only your career, but life in general. The time you will spend all by yourself will allow you to introspect and assess what’s truly valuable to you in life. A clear vision and revamped goals, and self-awareness will be some things you’ll get as a bonus! After all, according to experts, it is only when you step back from your 9 to 5 job, you get a window to relax and see the larger picture. Some people rethink many things during a sabbatical and afterwards start prospering in their job.

Learning is Growing

With self-awareness comes great learning. Once you are amid the break, you get plenty of chances to invest that time in yourself in so many different ways. You may utilize this time in updating your knowledge. Get that certification you always wanted to; enroll for that new course — the sabbatical l will allow you to do this and so much more… No wonder all the learning will enable you to become the best version of yourself and be a top-performer in your next job! Win-win!

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