Ultimate guide to the 15 best brisket recipes [Midge Maisel approved]


I’ve always been a fan of brisket. Take me to a barbecue restaurant and I’ll always choose brisket over pulled pork hands down. There’s just something so soul comforting about brisket that I love. Wouldn’t you agree?

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But here’s the thing – I always thought brisket was super difficult to make. Well in fairness that’s really before I got into cooking all that much. So, then I thought I’d scour the interwebs for the best brisket recipes around and I’ve put them all in this collection right here – you’re welcome.

Maybe I’m a little crazy but I always thought brisket was reserved for one of those fancy occasions like Easter or Christmas. I don’t know why. For me, I pretty much only had brisket when I went to barbecue restaurants. And then this amazing thing happened. I stumbled upon a show called The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. If you haven’t seen the show I highly recommend that you queue it up on your Amazon Prime account and binge watch it stat.

What does this have to do with marvelous brisket recipes, you ask? Well, the main character, Miriam, or Midge as everyone but her parents call her, is a young housewife in the late 50s / early 60s. Her husband is dead set on being a comedian. But those stand up slots are hard to come by, so Midge, who happens to make the ultimate beef brisket, bribes the manager with her delicious, mouth watering brisket to get her husband on stage.

Of course, you can kind of guess the turn of events as she is the star of the show, but I won’t ruin it for you. But that isn’t the one and only the cameo Midge Maisel’s world famous brisket has on the show. Oh no. She has other evenings getting home late and chowing down on the some of that beef brisket, even with her husband when their marriage is strained to say the least. Anyway, the point is you probably don’t want to watch the show that features this lovely and amazing brisket if you are hungry. The good news is you don’t have to. Because you can make this brisket with some of the recipes below in a fraction of the time! Beef brisket in under one hour? Yes, please!

Instant Pot BBQ Brisket by Savory Experiments


Easy and savory Instant Pot beef brisket!

Here’s a genius Instant Pot recipe for brisket I love. One of the best tips is using liquid smoke to give the illusion of all day smoked brisket when, in fact, you’ve cooked it for less than one hour!

Slow Cooker Brisket with Vegetables by A Cultivated Nest

This is the quintessential comfort food for a cold day. I can see myself making this one on a lazy Sunday, cooking all day and filling the house with an incredibly delicious smell.

Corned Beef Brisket recipe by Spend with Pennies

Who says you have to make Corned Beef once a a year for St. Patrick’s Day? This recipe is full of flavor and is some of the best comfort food. Oh and did I mention what fantastic sandwiches they make? You’ll want to put this recipe on your regular rotation for sure!

Brisket Tacos easy recipe by The Country Chic Cottage


I don’t know about you, but whenever I’m presented with a choice of taco filling, I ALWAYS go for brisket. Ooh just look how delicious these brisket tacos are!

What cut of meat is Brisket?

Brisket is made of the chest of cow. It is tough cut of beef containing a lot of muscle. An average brisket weights 12 to 20 pounds. Because of all the muscle and connective tissue the brisket needs to be cooked for long periods of time to break down the tissue.

Are there different cuts of Brisket?

I didn’t know until recently that there were two kinds of cuts of Brisket. That’s because I usually only buy brisket at the grocery. The flat cut doesn’t contain much fat. I wondered why the brisket I purchased at the grocery didn’t taste the same as the brisket I can have out at a restaurant. That’s because the restaurant is able to buy the second cut, called the flat, which as you can guess, has more fat which renders it more juicy when it is smoked. So if you want this kind of cut of brisket, you’ll likely to have to purchase from a butcher.

Beef Brisket recipe by Amanda’s Cookin’


It takes a while but this brisket recipe is only 5 ingredients!

Sure, if you want to kick, it Mrs. Maisel style, make your brisket in the oven, with a tomato based gravy. This recipe takes four hours, so make sure you plan ahead with this one! But, oh boy, is it work the wait!!

Crock Pot Brisket recipe by Walking on Sunshine

I love that this is another brisket that just involves simple ingredients, and lets the meat flavor come though. It turns out like a barbecue sauce that tastes great on top of the slow cooked beef brisket!

Smoked Brisket by DIY Village


One of the best things you can make on a Big Green Egg is a smoked brisket.

Last Christmas, our present to ourselves was a Big Green Egg. And there’s nothing like brisket cooked on an egg. The hardest part was waiting the many hours for the brisket to rest before cutting into it! It. Smelled. So. Good!

Instant Pot Brisket by Two Sleevers


In a pinch for time? This brisket recipe in the Instant Pot cooks in 40 minutes.

Okay, so if you are short on time or just don’t want to wait the hours for an oven or slow cooker to make your brisket an Instant Pot is a good shortcut. However, this recipe does require a bit of prep work like slicing he brisket ahead of time, and you’ll need an immersion blender to finish the sauce.

Brisket Enchiladas recipe by The Tiptoe Fairy

Love TexMex food? Then you’ve got to give these brisket enchiladas a try? It’s not your average enchilada. The secret to this recipes is the enchilada gravy. Yum!

Brisket Sliders with Coleslaw recipe by Giggles Galore


Winning pot luck party food – these brisket sliders!

I don’t think I’ve met a slider I didn’t like. But the pairing of sweet, creamy slaw with smoky brisket is a winning combo!

BBQ Brisket Sliders recipe by The Tiptoe Fairy

No one usually associates brisket with an “easy” recipe, but let me assure you this one is. You just put it in the over with – get this – NOTHING. Just let it braise away all afternoon and voilà, a delicious brisket dinner is ready for you!

Holiday Beef Brisket recipe by Stone Gable


You need to add this beef brisket recipe to your holiday party menu.

Holy easy holiday dinner right here, Batman! I’m not kidding. This recipe for beef brisket looks so beautiful, it is intimidating. But upon further inspection I see that there are only three ingredients.

BBQ Brisket Tacos recipe by Ginger Casa

If you like to have taco parties, you gotta bookmark this recipe for your next fiesta!

Slow Cooker Java Brisket recipe by Amanda’s Cookin’

This caught my eye because of the “java” as I love coffee rubbed slices of meat. Interesting that you simply add brewed coffee into the crock pot to make this one!

Crock Pot Brisket recipe by The Crock Pot Ladies

This recipe renders the meat super juicy and easy to cut. Another fantastic crock pot beef brisket to try!

If the idea of cooked beef brisket intimidated you, after reading these recipes, it shouldn’t anymore. You can see that it is basically pouring some simple ingredients atop a nice slice of meat and letting it do it’s thing. So what are you waiting for? Which delicious beef brisket will you try first?

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