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9 amazing things about Minnesota every traveler needs to know


Minnesota has great appeal as a traveling destination due to its natural beauty and vibrant cities. The mid-western US state is a welcoming place that invites you for an exquisite experience. Dense with cultural landmarks and scenic beauty, Minnesota feels wild and pure.

Read on to find out the 9 amazing things about Minnesota before you hop on an adventure to your the state!

1. A Blend of Different States in One is what you’ll find in Minnesota

Minnesota is a beautiful blend of different states and still manages to be incomparably unique. The twin cities of Minneapolis and the state capital Saint Paul offer the absolute best of urban settings. In the north, it has the port city of Duluth and further up north there are pristine forests and lakes. In the south, you can find undulating hills are nothing short of beautiful.


The people of Minnesota are also as diverse as its landscape. If you need any help on your trip, rest assured that the locals will have your back. Make sure you speak their language. Read up on the slang words they use there

2. The State of Lakes in Minnesota

Minnesota has a total of 11,842 lakes. So, when we say it the state of 10,000 lakes we are actually being humble. Water can, perhaps, be called the defining feature of the state and everywhere you go, you will find a lake nearby. There are about 15 lakes just in the city of Minneapolis! The Superior Lake in the north is the world’s largest freshwater lake by surface area. When you are Minnesota there is no excuse to skip on water activities. So, rent a houseboat, swim your heart out, paddle a canoe or fish for northern pike. Another great thing you’d love about the place is that you can find beautiful lakeside vacation homes in Minnesota.

3. Minnesota’s Famous Juicy Lucy Burger

Have you ever wondered who came up with the idea of cheese inside the meat patty? While we can’t say for sure, two bars in Minnesota are battling over the claim since the 1950s. The 5-8 Club and Matt’s Bar both claim they invented Juicy/Jucy Lucy. Since there is no telling who is right, you might as well try both. Regardless of who invented it first, what we do know is that Minnesota was the place where it was introduced.

4. The Liquor Laws are Crazy Here!

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Minnesota has the most unusual liquor laws among all states of America. Alcohol is not available in grocery stores and the liquor stores are closed on Sundays. For a long time, Wisconsin was a place to be on Sundays but then in 2015 a new law allowed pubs and breweries to sell beer in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Duluth, and some other cities. 

5. The Great MN Get-Together

When in Minnesota, help the locals break the attendance record at the Great Minnesota Get-Together. The Minnesota State Fair is the biggest by attendance and the best state fair in the country. While there are many fun activities to try at the fair, do not forget to miss out on all the wacky deep-fried food. At the Minnesota State Fair, pickles, ice cream, and snicker bars all taste better deep-fried on sticks.


Be part of the experience and partake in carnival activities.

6. Minnesota Chilling Winters

Most Minnesota Travel guides will warn you about the chilling winters and there’s no kidding. Minnesota has its good share of harsh winters. It is not unusual for a giant storm to strike just at the beginning of spring. In fact, they are even pretty common at end of April. Apart from the storms, Minnesota has four solid months of cold and snow. Even though temperatures fall 20 degrees below zero, surprisingly, the cities don’t close down for snow and the state has underground tunnels and skyways to keep the traffic moving. If you adapt to the cold, there is a lot to enjoy about Minnesota winter. Skiing, sledding, hockey, and ice fishing are some of the most fun winter activities that Minnesota has to offer.

7. The Home of Popular Honey Crisp Apples

Minnesota has beautiful apple orchards around the state. The scientists at the University of Minnesota crafted the popular Honey Crisp apples. You can also enjoy several other homegrown varieties of apples at vacation homes in Minnesota.

8. The Zombie Pub Crawl in Minnesota

Minnesota also has an annual Zombie Pub Crawl and that’s just about as crazy as this state gets. It is an event that takes place every October when the undead are cut loose to enjoy themselves. It is an annual spectacle of fake blood and people dressed up as zombies. They wander from pub to pub with their fellow zombies and enjoy the largest gathering of zombies. So, if you happen to be in Minnesota around that time of the year, smear a shirt with fake blood, and join in on the fun.


You’ll never get bored with the many waterfalls in Minnesota

9. Minnesota Waterfalls

For some reason, water dominates most of the scenic beauty in Minnesota. You can find several beautiful waterfalls everywhere you go in the state. From the southwest where the state shares the border with Canada to the middle of its biggest cities, the state has spectacular waterfalls. These waterfalls look even more mesmerizing when the snow is starting to melt into them during spring.

Minnesota is a fascinating travel destination with access to diverse natural landscapes. Due to the popular fun festivals and the Super Bowl, hotels are popping up everywhere in Minnesota. This gives travelers all the more ease of planning a trip to the north. Among all, Lutsen vacation rentals are one of the oldest. The resort overlooks the rugged natural beauty of Lake Superior.

Author:Betsy Amundson is the manager at Lutsen Lodges, vacation rental homes, specializing in high-quality vacation homes rentals in the Lutsen, Minnesota. She graduated from St. Cloud State University with a degree in Advertising and Graphic Design. While not managing her business, you can find her reading books and travel to exotic locations.

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