Drury Inn’s new look: bright, modern and roomy


Drury is not dreary: Check out this budget hotel’s new design

This a review of the Drury Inn Valdosta, GA

Upon checkin the clerk was incredibly friendly and pleasant. The lobby was also much nicer than what I would have expected from a Drury Inn (picture above taken the following morning). Stepping in to my room, I was surprised to find a large lounge area with comfy couch and desk for working. It is like having the space of three or four European hotel rooms.


Gorgeous lobby at the Drury Inn Valdosta

But it was sleep I was after. So I snapped the picture below of my bedroom before stripping down for a quick shower. Nice water pressure and hot water through the entire shower. I noticed that the shower head was from a company called Hansgrohe, a luxury German manufacturer of kitchen and bathroom products. I wasn’t in bed with the tv on for very long before I found my eyes closing.


I awoke the next morning very well rested. My plan was to bust out of there early and be on my way. And when I say early, I meant by 9 am. I’m not an early riser. But when I went down to the lobby to grab a cup of coffee before heading out, I noticed the kitchen / dining area where guests can prepare their own breakfasts.

Drury inn kitchen


Not only was the space immaculate, but there were lots of tempting breakfast menu items. Go the healthy route with cereal, oatmeal or yogurt. Or indulge a little with waffles or bagels. Or go all out with biscuits with sausage and gravy, eggs and breakfast potatoes. It’s all included with your stay. And I appreciated that even during weekdays they don’t have everything cleared out by 9 am. Some us sleep in!

Eggs, sausage, biscuits, waffles, pancakes, oatmeal or cereal all available at Drury Inn

Had I brought my swimsuit, I may have even taken advantage of the unoccupied pool. Instead I packed it up and headed on my way. But it was with a well rested body and full stomach thanks to the Drury Inn.

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