9 extreme adventures you can have in Dubai [not for the faint of heart]


Let’s talk about Dubai and its reputation as the Middle Eastern cradle of luxury. Here’s the 9 best extreme adventures you can have in Dubai.

Skydiving in Dubai

Skydiving literally means diving into the sky with a professional instructor or solo. This experience includes one minute of free fall followed by five minutes of gentle landing. The adventure is highly recommended to those who dream of catching stunning sights of Dubai with their heads in the clouds.


Would you sky dive in Dubai?

This activity is for those people who enjoy flying and are thrilled to fly over the famous Palm Islands. The main challenge is to jump out of a plane at a height of almost 4,000 meters. However, the landscape is totally worth it.

Desert Safari in Duabi

Safari is definitely one of the most popular extreme adventures in Dubai. Many people are thrilled to go deep into a real desert and see its thrilling beauty. Moreover, given the speed and the character of the car ride, this experience will be definitely one of the best in your life.


A safari adventure is a must when you visit

Imagine that you are on a roller-coaster amid sandy dunes with no other people around except for the drivers and other group members. This is truly the best chance to visit the most dangerous places on Earth, teasing your fears and challenging your vestibular and adaptability skills. 

Hot Air Ballooning in Dubai

Do you still believe that hot air ballooning is Cappadocia’s distinctive feature? Wrong. One of the best extreme adventures that you can have in Dubai is hot air ballooning over the desert. Trust us, there is no more beautiful landscape in the world.


Just imagine, you are flying in a balloon that is already extreme over the desert with its mind-blowing view. You can see both the unspeakable beauty of this place combined with the presence of civilization in the form of the Dubai skyscrapers. Many people gave this experience 5-star ratings for breathtaking emotions they received.

Scuba Diving in Dubai

Those who favor diving should try it in Dubai. This underwater excursion is definitely the best Dubai adventure you can have. The world that exists at the seabed of the Persian Gulf will definitely take your breath away. You get 2 hours which you can spend swimming in the water depth and observing the lives of sea dwellers.

The most interesting part of this excursion is to realize that you see plants and animals that have been living there for several decades or even hundreds of years, who witnessed all historic events that the world has been through. It is definitely a life-changing experience.

Dubai Autodrome 

There is no such thing that you cannot experience if you are in Dubai. If you like high speed, racing in Dubai Autodrome is the best thing you can try. You will be allowed to sit and drive supercars that you could previously only dream of. This racing experience will definitely leave many beautiful memories for the years to come.

The world’s best cars will be at your disposal, including but not limited to Audi TT, Audi R8, McLauren MP4-12C, and others. However, you will need to get one expert session to make sure you can actually drive at such a high speed.


Dubai is a beautiful, opulent city you have to visit!

Sea Breacher Ride in Duabi

Have you ever imagined yourself a superhero? You can try this role if you decide to go on a sea breacher ride in Dubai. As a real Aquaman, you will be riding a watercraft in the form of a shark. At a high speed, your vehicle will barely touch the water surface or dive underwater, providing you with amazing and extreme adventure.

This Dubai adventure activity is qualified as easy and is available for 16-year-olds, but you will definitely find it interesting and mind-blowing at any time. If you want to get the most thrilling experience on the water, sea breacher ride is what you need.


There are a ton of instagram worthy spots for photos in Dubai!

Theme Park Rides in Duabi

It would be weird if one of the most popular cities among tourists did not have its own theme park. Motiongate at Dubai Parks and Resorts has a lot to offer. If you are a fan of thrills and spills, this park will definitely impress you. It has both kid-friendly merry-go-rounds and thrilling roller coasters for true heroes.

Try riding upside down or visit Zombieroom – whatever rattles your nerves can be found in this theme park in Dubai. Do not miss it.

Flyboarding in Dubai

You could see people dancing on a water stream at every popular resort now, but the Motherland of this adventure is here in Dubai. Therefore, flying over water is the best thing you can try in this city. Do not economize and try this experience because you will definitely regret if you do not.

You can fly at a height of over 10 meters, maneuvering and changing your route, circling and dancing around. Yes, you will have sore muscles on the following day, but it is definitely worth it.


Biking in the Desert

Fat tire biking is also a great experience if you are not afraid of physical activity. Such bikes can handle all troubles of moving in sand dunes. At the same time, if you decide to go on such a trip, you will see overwhelming landscapes and explore what Dubai looked like 50–60 years ago.

Challenge yourself and allow your mind to experience something new. Witness the evolution of Dubai from the uninhabited desert to the most luxurious city in the world.

Dubai is one of the most popular tourist destinations. It is a modern city that does not have many historical artifacts, so it offers extreme adventures to its tourists. A combination of luxurious resorts, fantastic landscapes, and amazing activities makes more and more people visit Dubai year by year. If you want to challenge yourself with height, speed, depth or extreme heat, come to Dubai. There is no better place to experience really extreme activities.

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