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Food Styling Class with Denise Vivaldo

By Kelley Musson

If you’re like me, the best part of a good meal is that moment before the first bite. When your meal is actually placed in front of you and you’re able to scope out all of the colors and textures that your dish entails. You then, of course, must capture that moment with an amazing food pic!


As food lovers we understand that presentation is a huge deal. From the minute you walk into a restaurant, you notice the lighting, the décor, the smells, and even the temperature. As your waiter walks you to your table, you take a glimpse of the other patron’s food and drink combinations. The vision alone stimulates your taste buds and taps into what becomes your own food fantasy. In this instance, appearance is everything! We truly appreciate the work a great chef puts forth in order to present a beautiful meal.

For Denise Vivaldo, creating aesthetically appealing food has been her life. She’s been called a “seasoned food professional” by the Huffington Post. She’s the author of several food publications such as The Food Styling Handbook and Perfect Table Settings. She’s catered for the Academy Awards Governors Ball, as well as television shows such as Ellen DeGeneres and The Tonight show with Jay Leno. She founded Food Fanatic in 1988, which is a catering, recipe-development and food styling firm. Denise also founded the Culinary Entrepreneurs Program where she teaches catering and food styling workshops across the country and internationally.

Lucky for us, Denise is coming to Atlanta to share her vast knowledge of food styling. On October 4th and 5th Denise Vivaldo, along with Cindie Flannagan will be holding an intensive media food styling technique workshop at the Cook’s Warehouse in Ansley Mall. Whether you’re looking for a career in professional food styling or just want to be better at food photography, this 2-day course will be an eye opener and a truly invaluable experience.

Who: Amateur Food Photographers
What: Food Styling Course
Where: Cook’s Warehouse Midtown
When: October 4th and 5th
Cost: $695

Day one students will get an introduction to the class, with a focus on learning the elements of a great food photo. Denise has mastered the art of creating a picture perfect plate and will share some of her best kept secrets to making food not only last during a photo shoot, but also keeping food fresh and vibrant looking while braving the elements of a photo shoot.

Denise is definitely not afraid to think outside of the box in order to get her dishes flawless. She so carefully chooses the perfect temperature, the perfect way of cooking (or not cooking) her food in order to have them last to create an aesthetically genius plated dish. Hands on demo’s include:

  • How to make breakfast foods look fresh throughout a photo shoot
  • How to effectively garnish a dish
  • Painting poultry and how to handle
  • Sandwich and salad presentations

Day two will continue with tips and hands on demonstrations such as how to display a traditional plate, and how to work with the best part of every meal…dessert! The day will end with a Q & A session, as well as a book signing session. To purchase tickets or for more information – Food Styling Course Atlanta.

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