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Being in a foreign country and teaching English can be an amazing experience. You get to see a different culture and meet new people while earning a decent income for speaking your native language. It’s the same way in Prague. It’s a beautiful country full of welcoming people and great food. However, before you go, there are things that you need to know.

You need some qualifications before working in Prague 

You need to take a TEFL course. Of course, it can be online or in person in your home country before you start traveling. Both of them have some benefits. Online courses are convenient and easy to do but it might not be recognized by some of the employers in many countries including Czech Republic. You should also consider doing it in Prague, once you get there because you get more experience that way which works better for employers. It also gives you a chance to understand the learner better and make some great connections for the job. Once you have a TEFL, you’ll be employable across the globe.

Learn about job opportunities in Prague for teaching English before you start

There are many different job opportunities in Prague. You can work at a language school which offers a lot of experience with different groups. Companies hire teachers as well to coach their employees. You can also work one-on-one with employers directly, give private lessons and so on. You can work in preschools.

“Prague can offer any teacher a decent opportunity for regular work and interesting assignments. There are many things you could do as an ESL teacher and there is no reason not to try them all,” says Danny Wills, English teacher at BoomEssays.


Prague is a wonderful place for expats

Communication in Prague

Luckily, most people in Czech republic speak English fairly well so you’ll have no problem communicating with them all. Unless you visit some of the villages, you’ll be fine just speaking English. If you encounter a situation where you can’t communicate well, look for someone who’s been there for longer or someone from Prague who can speak both English and Czech.

What about your social life while you are in Prague?

You’ll have many opportunities for a great social life in Prague since it’s famous for its great bars and nightlife. In addition, it has a thriving expat community where you’ll surely be able to find great friends. There are events all over the city almost every day. And with the amazing beer in Prague, you’ll never be bored. As for the things that you can do in Prague, you need to know that you will never be bored in this city. It’s one of the best places to go to for fun, nightlife, historic locations and hidden areas that only locals know about. But now that you are a local, you can enjoy them too.

For a more touristy option, you can head to the Prague Castle, the largest ancient castle in the world and also one of the prettiest. As you’ll be there the entire year if you are teaching English in Prague, you can witness the guard’s ceremony which happens around noon every day and it’s amazing.


There are beautiful architectural wonders in Prague

The next thing to do would be to visit the John Lennon wall which features various lyrics from the Beatles songs. It’s still a spot for tourists but it’s a bit more alternative and lesser known. When you get a day off, you can go on a Prague Beer Tour where you will try plenty of different beers and enjoy a lot of fun with tourists, expats and even some locals. Even if you aren’t a beer lover, you can try taking a relaxing walk across the Charles Bridge.

For a bit of a longer walk, you can visit the art scattered around the city –  there is plenty of it to see and you will discover a different side of Prague, a more rebellious and fun one.

Around Christmas, you will not be able to stay away from the Christmas market that is just enchanting to visit. There are so many trinkets and treats that will warm your heart. Make sure to visit it for a true Christmas spirit or make a quick trip to buy some gifts for your family and friends if you are going home.

There are many sights you can see, museums and historic buildings to visit and be amazed by the culture of Prague. You’ll love that you picked such a fantastic city to teach English in. It’ll feel like you won the lottery! 

Small things you need to know about teaching English in Prague or living in Prague

Every country has its quirks. Czech Republic is no different. If you want to blend in well and find your way around easily, here are some things you need to know:

  • “You’ll be expected to remove your shoes when you enter someone’s home. It’s considered rude to enter someone’s house or apartment with the shoes on. There are some exceptions with some people but in general, leave your shoes outside or in the hallway.”, says Suzanne Perkins, travel blogger at UKWritings.
  • You’ll want to make eye contact while toasting with someone. If you want to immerse yourself even better, say na zdravi.
  • When out in public, be quiet. Czech people are really quiet and they usually don’t like loud people.

Author Bio: Chloe Bennet is a travel blogger at Essayroo and Australian Help websites. She writes about latest travels and covers topics of language learning. Also. Chloe tutors at State Of Writing academic service.

If you want to work in Prague, you’ll have to accept many cultural differences and quirks. However, you can have a lot of fun with other teachers and helping other people learn English. Your TEFL course will help you enjoy traveling and earning an income. Follow these tips to get the most out of your time in Prague.

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