6 tips every woman must know to make perfume last longer


How many times do you spray your favorite perfume on before leaving the house only to find that an hour later it’s not even noticeable? This is a very common problem that women complain of, and it can start to feel like you’re just wasting your money on perfume that doesn’t last.

While some will certainly have better lasting power than others, there are also some tricks you can do that will help the scent linger for longer. Let’s take a closer look at these foolproof ways to make your perfume last longer. 

1. Spray perfume on Your Pulse Points to make it last longer.

One of the best tips has to do with where you spray your perfume. Your pulse points, or warm points are always the best location. This would be your wrists, neck, back of the knee, ankle, and chest.

2. Use Petroleum Jelly on Pulse Points to give your perfume staying power.

Here’s a tip that you can use in conjunction with the first one. Before you go ahead and spray the perfume on your pulse points, add a thin layer of petroleum jelly to the spot. This will help the perfume to stick and remain throughout the day.

3. Use Perfume in a Non-Scented Moisturizer

You can also layer up by adding a few drops of your favorite perfume to a non-scented body lotion. Apply your lotion first, and then spray your pulse points with the perfume. Not only will the scent last longer, but you’ll be doing double duty since you are also moisturizing your body.

4. Add Scent to Your Hair to make perfume have longer lasting results.

Many people find that a couple of spritzes of their favorite perfume also create longer-lasting results. You can spray it directly on your hair or your hairbrush, and then run that through your hair.

5. Look for Eau de Parfum rather than perfume to ensure it last longer.

It may also be that you’re buying the wrong type of perfume. Did you know that ‘eau de toilette’ and ‘eau de cologne’ are nowhere near as concentrated as ‘eau de parfum’? Sure, the concentrated stuff will cost more, but you’ll need less of and it will last longer on your body.

6. Care for Your Perfume Properly to make it last longer

Did you know that the way you store and care for your perfume will also contribute to how good it smells and how long it lasts? It is all about protecting the integrity of the ingredients. Experts recommend storing it in the box it came from and out of direct sunlight, not keeping it in the bathroom where humidity is often an issue, and not shaking it before use.

Indulge in a Couple More Scents

Now that you’ve figured out the tricks to making your perfume last longer, you may want to pick up a few more scents to create a well-rounded collection. Shopping online for perfume is something many consumers are finding the benefits in as you can locate discount fragrance websites, such as Maple Prime, and even take advantage of free shipping.

Enjoy Your Scent a Whole Lot Longer – By using these simple tricks, you’ll find that your perfume lasts for much longer, and that you’ll be using less of it overall.

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