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The Joseph Hotel in Nashville is a feast for the senses and provide the ultimate luxury stay in music city

From the time you pull up to The Joseph Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee, you’ll find your senses on high alert. But don’t just rush inside. Instead, take time to appreciate the living plant wall outside, and the authentic London Cab parked nearby, distinguished by its interior, outfitted in a Burberry design motif.

Ultra Luxury Joseph Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee

Check in at The Joseph Hotel (leather wrapped desk by Lucchese)

Sights of The Joseph in Nashville

As you enter, notice the Lucchese wall that greets you as you check-in. Designers wrangled Lucchese boot makers to wrap the counter in a distinctive boot-like design. Not only is this a first. It is just the first glimpse of the attention to detail you’ll find throughout The Joseph Hotel in Nashville.

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Italian marble floors in the hotel lobby are duplicated in each room’s bathrooms. They take on an almost 3-D effect, which you can notice while enjoying the standalone tub.

Yolan, the hotel restaurant, features a cheese wall with large, refrigerated cheese wheels on display. This unusual wall separates the busy kitchen from the restaurant’s diners.

At certain times, a selection of the cheeses on display is warmed and served as an afternoon snack for guests on the hotel’s rooftop. (We’ll get to Yolan’s soon-to-be-famous tasting menu in a moment.)

Sounds of The Joseph Nashville

During your stay at the hotel, you’ll find you can traverse all the sounds of Nashville to the sounds of silence in no time. In other words, you can wander through the streets of Nashville, taking in the music from loud party buses, bikes, and honkey-tonk happenings, all spilling out onto the city streets.

But inside your room, you’ll find yourself surrounded by blessed silence if that’s your desire.

If you give them enough notice the hotel will put your favorite record in your room

On Saturday morning, order room service and enjoy a lazy morning inside as you cue up Bonnie Raitt or one of the other soothing albums you’ll discover in your room.

Pro tip: With enough advance notice, the hotel may be able to stock your room with your favorite musicians’ recordings. Note that the knobs on the drawer pull feel like vintage radio knobs.

Touch at The Joseph Nashville 

The spa!

Of course, you can also enjoy a signature massage with similar CBD oil. But you want to have a facial. So what makes this hotel’s facial special? It involves the treatment methodology originated by Biologique Recherche, a unique luxury facial treatment that hails from France. And we all know how good those French women look, right?

This ritual begins with soaking your feet in warm water and flower petals, followed by a shoulder rub. You’ll love that your esthetician knows what adjustments to make as she works on your face. That includes the shockingly pleasurable cold metal ice globes she rubs across your face.

It offers a surprise burst of energy but one that’s relaxing at the same time. You’ll walk away loving your youthful and energized appearance.

Taste at the Joseph Hotel

Join your new hotel friends in the lobby at 4 P.M. daily for a high-spiked tea. Infused with gin, this bracingly different tea will revive you after your long drive into Nashville.

Joseph Hotel poolside snacks

Poolside snacks arrive from the hotel’s casual restaurant, Denim.

Think of items like a Ceviche and hearty meatballs served with house-made marinara.

Of course, the high point of your visit will be dinner at Yolan, the hotel’s flagship restaurant.

Headed up by Michelin-starred chef Tony Mantuano, the restaurant’s eight-course tasting menu is a delight. Go all in and order the suggested wine pairings. Or let the house sommelier select an excellent wine that will pair with multiple dishes.

Some of Yolan’s wines are imported directly from Italy and cannot be found elsewhere. Be prepared to experience a virtual tasting roller coaster by sampling some of the following highlights.

  • Gamberoni prawns
  • Risotto with lobster and saffron
  • Candy roaster, mostarda, mustard greens
  • Swordfish with mushrooms and smoked radish
  • Duck, apple, sweet potato
  • Cioccolato Bianco huckleberry, chai streusel

Aromas at the Joseph Hotel 

Even the little things get great attention at the hotel, like coffee. Should you choose to have coffee in the hotel lobby, you’ll soon be intoxicated by the smell of the delicious house blend steaming from the Nespresso maker or the Espresso machine The Joseph Hotel imports from Italy.

The Joseph Hotel in Nashville is a feast for the senses and provide the ultimate luxury stay in music city

And don’t overlook the luxury bath products by ila offered at the hotel. Created by hand in the rolling hills of England’s Cotswolds, the company supports farmers and tribal communities worldwide.

The bottom line: Whether you seek a romantic weekend escape or a fun girls’ getaway, The Joseph Hotel in Nashville provides luxury at every turn.


The Joseph Hotel, Nashville

401 Korean Veterans Blvd.

Nashville, TN 37203

Ph: 615-248-1990

Hotel Website

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