What Defines an Active Living Community for Seniors?

An active living community is highly beneficial for older adults. Living in such a community can help reduce the risk of many common diseases, boost physical health, and enhance mental health too. But what are the characteristics of an active living community for older adults?

#1 Independence

While the best active senior communities have essential support systems in place, customized to suit the unique needs of their residents, they also encourage independence through daily activity. Leaders of such communities know that independence helps older adults feel grounded and gives them a sense of purpose too.

#2 Active Lifestyle

The most well-rounded living communities for older adults often feature state-of-the-art amenities that can inspire residents to adopt an active and vibrant lifestyle, helping them live each day to the fullest.

Being active is more than just a good idea for older adults—it’s a necessity. Regular physical activity can help older adults maintain their independence, improve their quality of life, and mitigate the risk of cognitive illnesses. 

When you integrate an active community into your retirement residence, you provide opportunities for your residents to be active daily while helping them create new friendships and stay socially engaged.

#3 Customized Fitness Options

Any good active living community should offer its residents an array of fitness options. Here, people can choose from various physical exercises that match their interests, abilities, and goals. 

The fitness options shouldn’t be just limited to different types of equipment, though. 

Modern active living facilities offer their residents an interesting mix of aerobic, strength training, and flexibility exercises. Some even offer special classes like Tai Chi, Pilates, and yoga. Older adults with a sense of adventure love these programs because they break the monotony of regular routines. These classes are also an excellent place to strengthen bonds with fellow residents and develop new relationships. 

#4 Enhanced Cognitive Health

A top living community should be an active, engaging place for older adults. Activities that can enhance cognitive health include playing checkers or chess, painting, writing, brisk walking, and more. New hobbies like blogging can be a boon for cognitive health too. 

Some studies show that virtual reality (VR) tools can also improve the lives of older adults, especially those with mobility challenges. 

#5 Encouragement to Socialize

The best active living communities encourage their residents to socialize in subtle yet meaningful ways. After all, all human beings, regardless of age or background, benefit deeply from socializing in terms of mental and physical health. 

But social interaction is particularly important for older adults, often reducing negative feelings like depression and isolation. Socialization helps maintain relationships with family and friends, community, and staff. It also develops self-esteem—crucial when caring for an aging loved one who needs more support with time. 

Strong social ties are important, regardless of age and stage of life. The better your community, the more support you have. Plus, it’s easier to try new things, stay active, and challenge yourself with an active social life.

These are the five main characteristics of an active living community for older adults. By encouraging its residents to socialize and engage in physical and cerebral activities, any living community can help its residents stay healthy and happy. 

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