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15 craveable Mexican dinner recipes [meal inspiration when you don’t know what to cook]


Nearly everyone loves Mexican food, wouldn’t you agree? It is certainly a crowd pleaser. And what’s not to love about this food. But you know what? Mexican food is super simple to cook too! Here are 15 marvelous Mexican recipes you won’t be able to resist making!

Taco Cake Mexican Dinner by 4 the Love of Food

Sure this Mexican dinner has the word “cake” in it, but don’t be fooled. This is all savory. Think of this Mexican dish like a casserole, but the layers lend themselves to being cut like a cake, hence the name. Plus, you can sprinkle multi-colored tortillas strips on top to add a pop of color! You know you are going to be making this tonight, aren’t you?

Sheet Pan Fajitas easy Mexican dinner by We Dish It Up

I’ve said it plenty of times before, I love one dish meals. They make clean up super easy, don’t they? So, these sheet pan fajitas are definitely a go to Mexican dinner staple in our house. You just spread everything on the sheet, bake and clean up is as easy as throwing away the foil liner. This Mexican dinner recipe is made with chicken but you could easily make it with shirmp or chicken if you prefer. Protip: use the convection setting on your oven if you have it to evenly cook everything.


You’ll love these incredible Mexican baked potaoes.

Mexican Potato Skins Mexican dinner or a snack by Homemade for Elle

These are basically your regular baked potato with amazing Mexican spices. Make these as a meal or you could make these and serve them as a fun Mexican side dish or snack for your next party.

Mexican Pizzas by The Inspiration Edit


This Mexican dinner is both tasty and healthy

Confession: when I was in a college and didn’t have much money, my go to meal was Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza. It combined two of my favorite things: Mexican food and pizza. But in the last ten plus years, I’ve really strived to avoid fast food and processed food as much as possible. Not only can I control the calories better but I can put more of the toppings that I love on my Mexican pizza dinner. For me, that’s cilantro. I can’t get enough of the stuff.

Mexican Pasta Salad (great light Mexican dinner) by Oh My Creative

Just when you thought there wouldn’t be any salads on this best Mexican dinner recipes list, here it is. The bow tie pasta is perfect amount not to overpower the other ingredients.


Mexican Pasta salad – Perfect for summer entertaining.

El Giante Torta (Mexican sandwich) by The Soccer Mom Blog

Know what is a torta is? It is a Mexican sandwich but like on the best Mexican sandwich on steroids. What makes this sandwich so great is the crunchy bread!

Instant Pot Carne Asada Mexican dinner by In the Kids Kitchen


Make these Instant Pot carne asada tacos in no time!

In case you didn’t know, I love my Instant Pot and have made amazing recipes in it. And when I go out to eat, I’m always ordering the Carne Asada at Mexican restaurants. To make this, it would normally take hours to make  carne asada like this, but using the instant pot takes that down to just 6 minutes. Of course, you’ll need to marinate this overnight, but still…

Frijoles Charros  Mexican dinner by Oh So Savvy Mom


Tasty authentic Mexican recipe

Frijoles charros means “Cowboy Beans” and it is an incredibly popular Mexican meal. You may read the recipe name and think “vegetarian” but this Mexican dish is actually full of meat: Chorizo, ham and chicharrons!

Crock Pot Chicken Tacos It’s what’s for dinner by Everything is Chicken

Super easy Mexican recipe that is a crowd pleaser? This is it – 6 ingredients (not including taco toppings) + 6 steps. Easy peasy. Plus you don’t even have to thaw out your chicken first!

Tacos El Pastor  one of the most mouth watering Mexican dinners by Saving You Dinero


Tacos pastor – what are they and what makes them special. It is pork which is cooked in pineapple juice – imagine something so glorious.

Chicken Pozole Verde (perfect Mexican comfort food on a cold day) by Grandbaby Cakes


How good does this pozole Mexican soup look?

Pozole is a delicious and rich Mexican soup made with hominy and a meat like chicken or pork. Don’t be offput by the unappealing color, it is wonderful! You’ll love the poblano pepper and tomatillo!

Tomatillo Chicken Mexican dinner in slow cooker by Really Are You Serious


One of the great things about this Mexican recipe is that it is so versatile. So basically, you are making the taco or burrito filling. From there, someone can choose a taco, burrito bowl (for gluten free, etc).

Authentic Cheese Enchiladas by Ginger Casa


Make these tasty Mexican enchiladas at home, save money and consume less calories.

Sure, you can go out to a Mexcian restaurant for these enchiladas, but why? They are relatively easy to make and you’ll save yourself the calories that you would have by munching down on a bunch of chips before your meal.

Stuffed Poblano Peppers by Dancing Through the Rain

This can be made as a vegetarian dish (as below) or you can add something like chicken or ground beef or turkey to give it a little more substance.

Fun, twist on stuffed peppers!

This can be made as a vegetarian dish (as below) or you can add something like chicken or ground beef or turkey to give it a little more substance.

Chicken Enchiladas by Princess Pinky Girl

You’ll love these fun, Mexican dinner recipes. Not only are they easy to make, but the recipes can be modified to adjust for any specific dietary requirements such as gluten free. Plus there are many that are vegetarian without losing any of the tastiness off the meal.



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