7 reasons you’ll love Brooklyn Water Bagels (VIDEO)

Love New York bagels? You can have them outside of NY thanks to Brooklyn Water Bagels. Here’s seven things you probably didn’t know (and will LOVE) about the NY based bagel company.

1. Water filtered to make as good as NYC water

Brooklyn Water Bagel company geniuses replicates the natural composition of the water from the Catskill Mountains in upstate New York to Brooklyn and ultimately uses that water to make authentic Brooklyn Bagels outside of New York.

2. Breakfast is served all day

brooklyn water bagels breakfast bagels

The Williamsburg breakfast sandwich at Brooklyn Water Bagels

We all have crazy schedules, right? I love eating breakfast foods for lunch or dinner often. The good thing about Brooklyn Water Bagels is that you can enjoy breakfast sandwiches all day long while they are open. Most locations close at 4 pm.

3. Cubsta Coffee

cubista coffee from brooklyn water bagels

Coffee cubes in the Cubsta coffee from Brooklyn Water Bagels

If you drink iced coffee, one of the pet peeves is that when the ice begins to the melt, it dilutes the coffee, right? That doesn’t happen at Brooklyn Water Bagels. Their coffee cubes ensure the bold taste of your coffee will remain from start to finish. It is available in 24 and 33 oz. sizes. Just drinking decaf? Not to worry, the cubes are all decaf.

4. Freshly baked spreads to go

At Brooklyn Water Bagels, to go and catering orders are a huge part of their business. If you’re having guests, get a dozen bagels to go and pick up a couple spreads. They’ve got varieties like jalapeno, vegetable, scallion, strawberry, Nova and even horseradish for those who like it spicy. Spreads are all made in house.

5. Flagels

For those who don’t love the huge bagel sandwiches, there’s the Flagel. It’s a cross between a flatbread and a bagel. Though it was perfectly fine, I preferred the more traditional bagels. What can I say? I’m a chronic carb addict.

brooklyn water bagels rainbow bagel

Rainbow bagel at Brooklyn Water Bagel

6. Rainbow Bagels

You can’t look at these gorgeous bagels and not smile. Kids will love them for sure.

7. Moist muffins

Muffins are quite large at Brooklyn Water Bagel. And even though bagels are the star here, the muffins are moist and they even will split and toast them for you. The blueberry one I sampled was terrific but I still want to return and try the black and white muffin.


Watch the video:

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