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You won’t believe what this former Taco Bell is now

casablanca restaurant ann arbor

Don’t judge a restaurant by its facade, or you may miss out on an incredible dining experience like Casablanca in Ann Arbor.

It’s crazy how many fast food restaurants shutter and are reincarnated to a new restaurant. Pizza Hut seems to be a common victim. However, I was in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and visited a humble looking restaurant that was once a Taco Bell. But what the exterior lacks, the food more than makes up for at this Moroccan restaurant.

moroccan restaurant casablanca

Unassuming restaurant Casablanca in Ypsilanti, a town near Ann Arbor

Casablanca is the not the first restaurant to take inhabit the former fast food restaurant. A couple other restaurants tried but failed in the space, despite the location of a major thoroughfare. Or perhaps, they just weren’t as impressive as Casablanca is.

Sure, you can find hummus, falafel, Tagine dishes and Shawarma on the menu at Casablanca restaurant in Ann Arbor, an if you are lucky enough to dine with a group, go ahead and order those because they are delicious (well I didn’t have the any of the Tagine dishes, but I’m just guessing that they are based on how good the other dishes were).

casablanca ann arbor restaurant review

Spiced carrots at Casablanca

If you don’t have a large group or second stomach for ALL the food, get the lesser known items that you might not have an opportunity to taste. With a talented Moroccan chef like Abdul Mani, you want to give the unique items a try like the spiced carrots with honey and cilantro (pictured above) or the restaurant’s signature dish, Bastilla. As with most Moroccan dishes, it combines sweet and savory. Layers of savory saffron chicken, spicy omelet stuffing, and a crunch topping of fried almonds flavored with orange blossom water. Then it’s topped with powdered sugar and cinnamon. Don’t keep this gem all for yourself, bring a group to share the feast.

chef abdul casablanca restaurant ann arbor

Everyone at Casablanca restaurant in Ann Arbor is humble, friendly and truly wants everyone to love their food as much as they do. If you’re in the area, plan a visit to Casablanca. You’ll find it as divine as I did.

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