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Podcast: A tea sommelier dispenses the truth about tea myths

tea sommelier

Looking for a career change? Why not consider becoming a tea sommelier?

Lisa is the owner of Teahaus and Eat More Tea, a pair of tea-centric establishments located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Lisa trained for her unusual profession as a tea sommelier in Germany, a country that has the strictest tea standards in the world. You heard that right, German, not England as many would believe. A tea sommelier may be a career you’ve never heard of, but it is quite popular in Europe and gaining popularity in the United States as more and more people get accustomed to drinking tea on a regular basis.

In her informative podcast below, entitled “So you think you want to be a tea sommelier,” Lisa shares the following topics with us:

  • How many teas must a tea sommelier learn to be able to distinguish among the many available varieties?
  • What are myths concerning tea and teas that people still believe in?
  • What does Lisa think about companies like once-trending Teavana chain, and why do they generally fail?
  • What other careers and career areas can you choose as an expert tea sommelier?

Not only was it informative, but I learned from visiting Eat more Tea in Ann Arbor, useful ways to cook with tea. This tea sommelier has really put all her expertise to use. While she makes ice creams and other desserts with tea blends, I’m more into the savory dishes you can make. So, I used their “Tea Thyme” blend on Cornish Hens in Instant Pot. I rubbed a tablespoon all over the and they turned out incredible!

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