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Cocktail recipe: Strawberry Coconut Martini [foolproof drink for your festive gathering]

While I like wine, I think starting your dinner party or holiday gathering with a signature cocktail is a fantastic way to add some sparkle to the festive occasion, wouldn’t you agree?

Ingredients for this amazing holiday drink recipe with strawberry and coconut:

3 ounces strawberry infusion (recipe below)
2 ounces coconut milk
¼ ounce agave nectar
1 lime-wedge squeeze
Sweetened coconut flakes for garnish

For Infusion:
2 pounds fresh strawberries, washed, top removed, cut in half
1 liter vodka

Easy, no fuss instructions for making this delicious festival cocktail – the Strawberry Coconut martini:

Combine strawberries and vodka in glass jar. Allow to steep at room temperature in cool, dark place
for seven days. Drain vodka infusion.

Pre-heat oven to 350°.

Place coconut flakes on baking pan and roast 6 minutes total. Stir frequently. Remove and cool.

Place coconut flakes in chilled martini glass. Combine all other ingredients with ice in metal shaker.
Shake for 10 seconds. Strain into chilled martini glass.

How elegant does this cocktail recipe sound? And the crimson color of the Strawberry coconut martini is so perfect for the holidays or really any get together you have with friends or family throughout the year.

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