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Getting edgy with the Ford Edge [SUV checks all the wow factors]


When I was a kid, my dad had a couple of Ford cars. The one I remember most was the Taurus. While practical it wasn’t exactly sexy or a car I could see myself driving. But when I laid eyes on the Ford Edge – sleek, trendy and nice curves, I was intrigued. Then I drove it and was even more impressed.

Check out how I spent my two week jaunt getting edgy with the Ford Edge!

Disclosure: Ford loaned me this car (in case it wasn’t obvious)

We were able to navigate the mountain roads easily with the Ford Edge.

For our first foray with our Ford, we visited the new virtual experience at The Battery Atlanta. I didn’t know what to expect from The Void at the Battery, but I was blown away with the first game we tried Nicodemus. There’s been a lot of hype about VR in recent years. Judging by the line to enter The Void, the new Virtual Realty experience, people are loving it. Once suited up with your jacket, backpack and of course, eye wear, you will be taken in groups of four to play. Star Wars is more interactive than the other game, but both are incredible experiences. We heard lots of screams fro Nicodemus as we were waiting to play the Star Wars game!


At The VOID at The Battery in Atlanta the VR experiences involve being in a series of small rooms the size of elevators.

Though parking was in short supply, we scored a nice spot after circling the lot several times. Thanks to the sensors on the Ford Edge we were easily able to get in to our spot (even though they are quite narrow at the Battery!). Plus, my phone was almost dead from all the pictures I took and I left my charging cord in my other car! Luckily the Ford Edge comes with a wireless charging capability. Located in the front console area of the car just under the dashboard it’s simple – just place your phone on the pad it begins charging!

Next up, we trekked from one side of town to the other in the comfy Ford Edge.

Netherworld Haunted House – now if you didn’t think virtual reality is edgy, you have to agree that Netherworld haunted house is quite edgy. Long believed to be one of the best and most thrilling haunted houses in the country, we were stoked to visit Netherworld. It is quite a drive from our house to the other side of town, but the drive flew by in the Ford Edge, and gas mileage was super thanks to this being a crossover SUV.


When I first started driving the Ford Edge, I didn’t love the gear shift. I’m used to one that is an actual handle shift and this was just a small knob. See it below right just to the left of the phone in the console. But as I drove the Edge SUV more, I appreciated the additional space of having the knob gear shift. There’s spots for phones, glasses, keys along with my can of sparkling water. And it allows easy access to the console storage where the wireless charging is.


Comfy seats, gas saving engine and roomy console are just some of the super interior features of the Ford Edge!

Yes, when I have an SUV for any amount of time I like to getaway to the mountains, even if it is just for a day. While it had been hot (like temps in the 90s during most of the time we had the Ford Edge SUV, our luck changed during our last couple days and we were able to get a day hike in. We drove the 1.5 hours up to hike the Marble Mine trail in north Georgia. We made a short stop along the way for a snack. We didn’t expect to use the Ford Edge for our pop up picnic but worked!


Stopping for a snack after a long hike – Ford Edge can even be used as a pop up picnic spot!


We loved our smooth and easy ride in the Edge to and back from the Marble Mine trail in north Georgia. Plus it was easy to navigate a little off the beaten path for our picnic in the back of the SUV too!

Another feature you’ll love about the Ford Edge is the backup camera!


The backup camera on the Ford Edge can help you easily maneuver out of a tight spot

When I was backing out of the driveway my douchey trash people had left the garbage and recycling bins blocking a majority of the driveway. Can you say passive aggressive? Luckily, it was still a breeze to navigate back out of the driveway thanks to the great backup camera on the Ford Edge. Take that, trash company!


This is definitely NOT your parents Ford. The Edge is got some panty dropping features and is an terrific SUV for those who don’t need something super huge that gets decent gas mileage.


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