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So, Atlanta still doesn’t have a Jamba Juice. That’s too bad, cause Jamba Juice smoothies are pretty darn good. If you happen to travel somewhere this summer that does have a Jamba Juice, check them out. Jamba Juice is promoting one of it’s new smoothies – Blackberry Bliss smoothie. If you visit the site: summerblissisback.com, you will be given a word of the day which is good for a buck off a Blackberry Bliss smoothie.

Speaking of travel, many of us are forgoing vacations this year due to limited funds. Jamba Juices answer to that is to go on Fakeation. Yep, you read that right, Fakeation. Their promotion to coincide with their new smoothie is actually quite clever. The promotion is aimed to encourage consumers to enjoy the pleasures of vacation even though they may not be able to go on one.

Simply upload a picture of yourself, pick a body (there are nearly 30 to choose from) and you will have your choice of any background from a sunny beach, the pyramids of Egypt to the beautiful landscapes of Alaska or British Columbia.

And, if you post your fakeation photo to Facebook, you could instantly win coupons and other great prizes, like smoothies for a month. You must enter an email to use the photo generator, but you don’t have to opt in before using the the photo editor. I entered my real email instead of a fake one, and haven’t been spammed by them yet. Create your photo by going to summerblissisback.com.

Here’s some of the photos I’ve created of me and Glen:

We may not have a Jamba Juice here in the ATL, but I like that they enable me to appear on the other side of the world without ever leaving my computer.

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