Kayaking therapy – a sport that nourishes the mind, body and soul


An ordinary life these days incorporates increasing work pressure along with a poor work-life balance; this has become a primary concern for most people. Being idle and doing nothing throughout the day leads to numerous issues like stiff joints and poor physique. Moreover, a boost in mental pressure after returning from your workplace has several side-effects. These include poor sleep, fewer interactions with your close ones and anxiety. 

On the bright side, people see any form of physical activity like sports as a way to overcome a negative social impact along with mental pressure. A few therapeutic sports, like golf and swimming, tend to relief one’s mental state and lighten their mood. Kayaking has crawled its way among many such sports and is now recommended as an excellent source of therapy. 

What makes Kayaking so therapeutic? 

Kayaking is a great way of spending time and can also develop into a potential hobby. Not to mention, the sport comprises a multitude of benefits that have a positive impact on one’s mind and body. Healthwise, researchers have concluded that Kayaking is highly beneficial for stabilizing your spine. Consistent pressure is placed on the muscles of your torso, which are located on the sides. 

Stress buster & post-traumatic relief 

The sport delivers a perfect combination of peace with moderate exercise. This way, individuals are able to clear their head and gain relief from troublesome matters on their mind. Kayaking further exercises your muscles which remain inactive during your day. Science concludes that this can serve to be an excellent remedy for post-trauma by assisting people in forming physical well-being instantly. 

Kayaking gets you happy 

It’s impossible not to feel happy while getting to float around freely submerged into nature’s beauty. Kayaking provides people with an opportunity to experience a warm breeze along with the freshness of water and sunlight. You will feel even more enlightened when kayaking with a group of friends or family as you’ll be able to capture the moment and preserve it for life. Isn’t this precisely what happiness feels like? 

Kayaking clears your head 

Spending some time lost amidst nature is always a brilliant idea. And being able to utilize this moment doing some physical activities is even better. Kayaking in a tranquil environment with not many people around provides peace of mind. It enables you to contemplate life and boost your focus, especially when you might not be able to afford regular therapy visits. Moreover, being around water delivers a soothing effect. This calming effect enables you to live in the moment and forget your troubles for a while. 

Keeps your heart healthy 

Kayaking frequently is known to have a positive impact on your heart. As per the research conducted by the University of Wisconsin, Kayaking is considered an activity that can mingle with any ordinary physical exercise. This is possible as it sustains a healthy heart rate while having a recreational impact on several outdoor sports. Furthermore, a multitude of heart issues can be avoided by kayaking regularly. These include diabetic issues which Kayaking can safeguard against by enhancing the overall state of your cardiovascular system. 

Kayaking enhances your quality of sleep 

Just like any other well-known outdoor physical exercise, Kayaking is known to assist with raising your body temperature during any physically demanding term of activities. The person’s body temperature retrieves to its former temperature once they’ve finished Kayaking. This steady fall in temperature tends to make you sleepy and enables you to sleep soundly due to the fatigue. Several sports practitioners have further outlined that they are able to feel the change in their quality of sleep just after the severe initial attempts to workout. This goes for Kayaking as well. 

Kayaking Improves your memory tremendously 

Regardless of how irrelevant this may seem, Kayaking regularly can help enhance your memory and make it sharper. The sport increases the rate at which brain cells are produced and thus, resulting in individuals thinking better and expanded memory capacity. Kayaking further safeguards your brain. It lowers the chances of dangerous effects like inflammation and stress. Not every sport tends to expand a person’s memory, and this is precisely what makes Kayaking unique. 


An excellent source of Vitamin D 

Kayaking in most places usually lasts for an hour or two; it is an intensive sport. Since people who are Kayaking will be out in the sun for a long duration, they will be able to receive lots of sunlight. Sunlight is commonly known as a rich source of Vitamin D. It is recommended that one should at least get 20-25 minutes of sunlight on a daily basis as it is useful for making your brain more productive. Vitamin D is further necessary for boosting your immune system and safeguarding you from several diseases. Furthermore, it’s recommended to apply sunscreen before Kayaking. 

Kayaking keeps you body fit 

As mentioned earlier, Kayaking benefits an individual’s muscles as well as their mental state. It assists in developing the shoulder muscles naturally. One would not need to consume harmful supplements or undergo exhausting exercises when they can go Kayaking instead. Your muscle form will completely transform after completing a few regular kayaking sessions. Go for the kayak that fits you best and enjoy this peaceful sport. 

Provides an excellent opportunity for social interactions 

Kayaking provides people with a great opportunity to bond with friends and socialize with strangers. It’s an excellent way to spend your evening productively. One should invite their co-workers so that they can get more comfortable and enjoy a break from excessive workload and stress. It’s not necessary to go Kayaking with your close ones if you enjoy experiencing such sports on your own. You can interact with other people and initiate healthy connections. 

Multi-development of one’s skills 

Regardless of how simple and beautiful the sport seems, exercising this sport is more challenging than it appears to be. There are a multitude of skills you should have before you set of Kayaking. These include being physical, knowing how to swim and being familiar with ways to navigate yourself through. It’s considered best to not go for Kayaking if you do not have any of the above-outlined skills. People who go for Kayaking get to work on each of these skills and better them. Rowing assists in strengthening them physically while they get to exercise their navigation skills. In situations where your kayak flips, one can swim and make their kayak proper.  


Overall, Kayaking is an excellent way to immerse yourself in  nature blended + relax the mind. This exercises a positive impact over your body and state of mind. Plus kayaking does not need a strict  regime before starting (though you might end up a bit sore if you have not been physcially active. . Being able to get lost among nature and get to work on your physique simultaneously serves to be quite therapeutic for many. 

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