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Money Saver: Quip Electric Toothbrush

New subscription based Quip electric toothbrush, aims to get us all brushing better.

For years, we’ve been told, you need to have a vibrating toothbrush. Why? It removes more plaque and keeps your teeth whiter than a regular toothbrush. However, in doing research, I’ve found that different studies support and refute these claims, depending on what you read. The idea is that an electric toothbrush helps you brush for the full two minutes dentists recommend. Last year, I decided that it was time to invest in a vibrating toothbrush. I happened to stumble upon Quip toothbrush. I like Quip’s simple approach and not a thousand different models to choose from. So, I gave Quip a try.

[quote]By removing excessive features, we can concentrate on improving the experience as a whole and tackling the much bigger problems in oral care. A slim, travel ready, electric toothbrush in a premium metal finish, and no bulky charging stand.[/quote]

Quip starter kit comes with a toothbrush, 3-month supply of toothpaste and one replacement brush.

Getting the silver metal for $40 (you can also choose from Titanium, Gold or Copper metal) or plastic for $25, I had a short weekend trip upcoming and was anxious to see how the toothbrush worked. Note is that your Quip toothbrush comes with a suction like sticker on the back for easy mounting to your bathroom mirror. I have a small jar that we put our regular plastic toothbrushes in, but it’s nice to be able to mount the Quip electric toothbrush on the mirror and free up the counter space. I also like that during travel it easily mounts to the wall.

I’ve never been excited to get a new toothbrush. I mean, who would? But when my Quip toothbrush arrived in the mail, I immediately loved the sleek design and brushed metal finish. Silly as it may sound, I was excited to use the Quip.

Simply press the “Q” on the top of the toothbrush handle and it starts vibrating. It continues at 30 second intervals, letting you know it is time to swap to a different section of your mouth. Dentists recommend a total of two minutes twice daily. It seemed like the last minute was a lot longer than the first but perhaps I was just getting frustrated waiting that length of time. However, after a couple weeks this became routine.

  • Fresh Heads delivered to your door every 3 months (for only $5)
  •  The single Mode your teeth actually need (2 minute timer, 30 second pulses)
  • Slimmest electric on market
  • No charging stand inconvenience

Quip stand easily mounts to mirror – no vanity clutter!

I never used the Philips Sonicare vibrating toothbrush, or any vibrating toothbrush, so I can’t compare it to that. But doing a little research on vibrating toothbrushes is very confusing, like trying to choose a cell phone plan. Looks like that range in price from about $50 – $80. And the refills average around $15 each. Think of Quip like the Dollar Shave Club of electric toothbrush industry. And the refills (when pre-ordered) are a handy reminder of exactly when to replace your brush head.

You can read reviews of what dentists think of the Quip toothbrush on their website. But I didn’t take their word for it. I had a cleaning scheduled and took it into my dentist (who I’ve been going to for 30 years) to get his opinion. He’d never heard of Quip before, but after examining it and turning it on and off he said as long the brush part could be changed out, he said it looked like a super toothbrush.

Cost: $40 for metal, $25 for plastic. Refillable heads, $5 every 3 months. I’d recommend ordering the one year plan which includes the electric quip brush and refills for one year, which is what I’m going to do. You don’t need to buy their toothpaste, but remember you only need a pea-sized portion of any toothpaste your are using.

Want to get Quip for yourself? Order from the Quip toothbrush website.

Disclosure: Quip sent me this toothbrush at no cost, but the opinions expressed are my own.

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