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Why corn massages are the next best thing in luxury spa treatments

corn massages trend Mexico Roamilicious

I had a corn massage and it was AMAIZING!!

Okay, I’m going to get a little scientific for a minute. Before I tell you all about my corn massage let’s talk about a term you’ve probably not heard: Nixtamalization. The process means the corn is soaked and cooked in an alkaline solution, usually limewater,  washed, and then hulled. The tradition dates back to the Mayan culture from 1500 BC and most Mexican chefs are still using this technique today. I learned of it during my trip to the the Grand Velas Resort. Not only does this process make the shells more sturdy for holding the taco fillings when used for corn tortillas but it adds much needed nutrients into the corn products, a vast difference from the over processed corn we have in the United States. The Mayans ate this and it is what gave them the strength and fortitude to build all those structures that they did thousands of years ago.

When I heard this history of why corn is such an important element in the Mayan and Mexican culture, I came to appreciate the role corn has in the culture and I was even more excited and intrigued for my corn massage. Prior to your corn massage you will be exfoliated with a sweet honey exfoliant. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from the honey exfoliant, but I loved how soft it left my skin feeling. Next, you roll your feet in corn kernels. Then you say a special thanks to Mayan gods before your massage begins.

corn body massage Roamilicious

Yes, these corn cobs were rolled on my body and it is an ancient Mayan ritual

Prior to my massage, I was also exfoliated to remove the dead skin from my body. Loved that the showers at Grand Velas Maya resort are right in the rooms so you don’t have to waste time getting to another area to rinse off. Then it was time to relax with my hot corn cob massage.

corn massage in Mexico Roamilicious

Look how pretty the massage rooms are at Grand Velas!

So, the whole spa is really an magnificent experience. The treatment is only one half. You really need to experience the full hydrotherapy journey. This includes “hot rooms” that open up your pores and “cold rooms” that close your pores. First, I began in the sauna and then was moved to what looked like a hot igloo with disco lights.

Mexican corn massage hydrotherapy Roamilicious

The “cool” room was not too cold

After that, you have a while to relax in the pool (click on the instagram pic above to see more and a short video). You can either relax in the large pool with jets or sit on the lounge chairs while you wait for your corn massage. Either way, you’ll be in complete bliss after you spend your half day at the Grand Velas spa!

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