Here’s the best resort in Mexico for a solo trip [self-care matters]


Located in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, is the lovely Grand Velas resort. This all inclusive resort puts all others to shame and truly is an enchanting destination for solo female travelers.

Though I’m married, my husband can’t always come with me on every trip. Though, overall, I see Grand Velas resorts as a romantic destination, I had a ton of fun making this a solo trip for me. Don’t get me wrong, I did miss having my hubs along, but it was nice to have the flexibility to do whatever I wanted without checking with someone else first. So here’s how I made the most of my solo trip to this Mexican resort!

1. Sip tequila at the pool bar (your first priority on your solo trip)


One thing I’ve learned in the last couple years is to appreciate spirits more. If you buy a quality spirit, not just whiskey or bourbon, (gin and tequila count too!), you can really enjoy sipping on them. I did this the first night of my stay at Grand Velas having a tequila flight with dinner at their lovely Mexican restaurant, Frida. Then my last evening I toasted to new friends at the pool bar. Of course, I ordered a ceviche for good measure too! Though the resort is all-inclusive (something I usually avoid), I loved the dining options at Grand Velas.

2. Try something new on your solo trip like an anti-gravity yoga class at Grand Velas


I thought this would be a breeze, but this yoga was harder than I thought it would be!

While I’m no yoga expert, I do enjoy yoga and was intrigued by the anti-gravity yoga class. Surely if I could make it through class after class at my gym, this class (touted for beginners) would be a cake walk right? I couldn’t have been more wrong. Sliding into the hanging cloth and “gliding across the room like you are super man” is not part of my skill set. Neither was wrapping my legs around the cloth while hanging backwards. Disclosure: I’m the only one who couldn’t do this in the entire class. But I’m so glad I tried this. Side note: they do have many yoga classes that are easier and more straight forward. I apparently chose the hardest one.

3. Order room service and eat solo on your personal patio


I enjoyed room service on my patio immensely!

In case you haven’t realized it yet, the views at this Mexican resort never get old. And I don’t know about you, but room service is kind of a luxury to me. And don’t get me wrong, the breakfast buffet at Grand Velas Nayarit is the best I’ve ever had. Besides custom omelettes, they have fresh cut fruit, meats, all kinds of sweets, plus Mexican specialties like chilaquiles. BUT dining solo at the restaurant every day can get a bit tiresome. Since it is included in your stay, get room service. My omelette, waffles, fresh squeezed juice and biscuits left me satiated for hours!

4. Taste cuisine from a Michelin starred chef

I’ve been to all inclusive resorts before and the restaurants usually leave a lot to be desired. But not at Grand Velas. Each evening I felt like royalty dining on a variety of cuisines. Frida for Mexican, Sen Lin for Asian and Lucca for Italian. My favorite was Frida – magnificent!

But a highlight of the trip was having dinner prepared by a Michelin starred chef. His name is Matteo Grandi and he was there for 4 nights only making some special creations. See picture of me with him below. Beneath that is his scallop and duck special during the culinary event.


Grand Velas brings in talented chefs from around the world to spoil guests


Italian cuisine from Michelin starred chef at Grand Velas in Mexico

5. Read a book while in a cabana where you listen to the soothing sounds of the ocean

At some point you trade late night partying for early morning beach walks, or at least that’s what I did. I must have walked about two miles along the peaceful beach. When I came back it was still early enough to snag an ocean view cabana. And these cabanas are sturdy and provide excellent shade from the sun all day.

Below, however, is another spot I found solitude during my solo trip. It is a quiet meditation area thoughtfully located near the pool but far enough away to sit peacefully and reflect.


Enjoy the quiet solitude at Grand Velas on your solo trip.

6. Splurge and get an room with a hot tub on the roof


While only a handful of rooms at the Grand Velas resort have a hot tub on the roof, it is worth the extra cost if you are making wellness a priority. In addition to the roof top spa, you can even have an in-room massage, should you choose! I didn’t get to do this, but it is one my list for next time I visit!

7. Enjoy the constant 84 degree temperature all throughout the Mexican resort on your solo trip.


The views never get old at Grand Velas Nayarit resort

Just steps away from the ocean, are two large pools; the infinity pool is divided by a wall with a walkway separating them (see it behind me). The best way to enjoy the pool is to order a cocktail and sit along the edge. letting the warm Caribbean air melt away any stress.

8. Get away from it all and soak up the culture of downtown Puerto Vallarta


Plenty of photo ops in Puerto Vallarta!

Sure, I mentioned the outstanding cuisine of Grand Velas in Nayarit, but you are just about 20 minutes from Puerto Vallarta. It is a huge contrast from the plush and luxurious surroundings of your amazing resort, but take a taxi and walk around. I found the walk by the local shops and restaurants very pleasant. Though I didn’t stop for a meal, I wish I had as the smells were intoxicating.

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