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5 tips for preventing break-ins when you travel

best tips for preventing home break ins

While it’s really exciting to go on vacation, one of the worries is knowing whether your home is going to be secure from break-ins when no-one is around. With so many other tasks to complete to get ready for your trip, home security is possibly the least of your priorities and then, often forgotten about. Many people have the notion that it simply ‘will never happen’ to them, but being too careless about the security of your home could make your property extremely vulnerable to intrusion. Here are some useful tips on how you can prevent break-ins when you’re not home.

Install a CCTV camera

Home security cameras are a great way to keep your home safe and protected whether you are home or away from home. Installing a home security system means you can keep a check of your premises wherever you are in the world through live stream. There are some devices which will even send you an email alert if it detects movement directly in front of the system. This useful method means you can get in touch with friends or relatives back home to take the correct course of action, whether it be keeping a closer check of the property or calling the police. Some devices even have built-in recording, so you can capture any suspicious activity on tape and send it over to the police for investigation.

Be wary of windows and doors

It’s usually always the case that burglars check the front door first to gain access to the property before trying the back door or first-floor windows. It’s essential you pay close attention to all routes of entry to reduce your risk of break-ins. Double-check that all windows have been closed and locked before you go off on your travels. Even the smallest opening can become an access point for skilled burglars. Also make sure that exterior doors are fitted with a minimum of two locks to make access more difficult.

An alarm system

It would be a good idea to install a basic alarm system in your property should an attempted burglary occur. While it won’t necessarily act as a deterrent, it should stop the burglar in their tracks and hopefully, scare them away, once attention has been drawn to your property.

Security lighting

One of the best methods of deterrent come evening time is security lighting. These lights can be timed to turn at a specific time for a couple of hours, which should be enough to discourage opportunist thieves as they would be spotted easily by passers-by.

Don’t post on social media

Although you may be extremely excited about your upcoming trip, exclaiming your news on social media is one of the biggest mistakes you can make when it comes to home security. You’re basically shouting loud and proud that you’re going to be away for a couple of days, meaning your home is open to opportunists. Refrain from posting anything about your upcoming vacation on social media and wait to upload photos when you return.


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