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Shameless: comfy and sexy lingerie for all body types

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Lingerie that promotes a positive body image for all women

What do you do when you are a nurse but have an entrepreneurial spirit with a proclivity for boudoir photography? If you are Jenn Hyman, you begin producing your own line of lingerie, a la Shameless lingerie. Let me elaborate. Jenn began a boudoir photography business several years ago that has gotten crazy popular. Women travel from all over the southeast to have her shoot them in her bespoke studio in Gainesville, Georgia.

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Shameless rose gold teddy. Lingerie for every woman.

Sometimes being entrepreneurial leads you in fun directions. I know it has for me! Dealing with all different kinds of body types, Jenn saw that there really wasn’t any lingerie that was sexy and comfortable, but could fit several different body styles. That’s why she decided to start Shameless. Along with her significant other / business partner, Chris Cathers, and her stylist Sharon Dickinson, she started Shameless, Inc last year.

The line features lacy and glam teddy outfits and bralettes. My favorite was the rose gold teddy that ties in the back for a sexy twist. You can see me modeling at the top of this page and in the photo above during my boudoir photo shoot. Of course, you can’t go wrong with lingerie in a lacy black color either. Below is perhaps one of my most favorite photos of my Mirrored Images boudoir session.

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The Shameless line of lingerie is perfect for all body types

When I decided I wanted to do a boudoir photo shoot, I contacted Jenn and she told me she wanted to take it step further: have me model some of her new Shameless lingerie. I’ll admit I was apprehensive. I mean, I never in a million years thought I’d ever be a lingerie model, but here we are! I’m not ready to give up my blogging career, (lol) but I sure had a blast with Shameless and modeling this lovely lingerie!

Shameless is still in the funding stages. If you want to be a part of this trend, which focuses on changing your approach to body image issues, go here. You can follow Shameless on Instagram or visit the website to browse the current lingerie collections.

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