Best Things to do on your first day in Barcelona [easily navigate the Spanish city with this itinerary]

Tracking PixelHaving the privilege to visit Barcelona multiple times has allowed us to see lots of wonderful sights. As a traveler, your first day at your destination determines how the next few days will be. Wondering what you’re going to do on your first day? We have everything covered for you. Barcelona is home to some of the beautiful sceneries in the world.

In this article, we’ve put together an itinerary for a day in Barcelona. And included a few transport options that will help you get to the destination easily. Let’s get started!

  1. Placa de Catalunya in Barcelona

Placa de Catalunya is located at the heart of Barcelona. And it’s a great place to start your adventure. Nearby is the main Barcelona Tourism office. You can plan your day here by looking at maps and leaflets. It’s also one of the few spots where different transport options converge. Once you’re ready, take the next stop at Casa Batllo.

2. Casa Batllo in Barcelona

As you travel around the city, you’ll inevitably see some of the best art pieces left behind by Anton Gaudi. Casa Batllo is home to one of his famous houses which is usually open for public viewing. Like most tourist attractions in the city, there is an entry fee of €18. And it is worth it.

You’ll have an audio guide to take you around the place while explaining the highlights of the house and the history behind its construction. This spot is popular in Barcelona. And it can accommodate a lot of people. After exploring the house and learning new things, it’s time to visit the Sagrada Familia.

3. Sagrada Familia in Barcelona

As a traveler, you should not pass up the opportunity to see one of the most spectacular buildings in the world. This spot wasn’t going to miss in our itinerary. If you don’t have time to see anything else, visit this building. You don’t have to be religious to visit this spot.

The entry fee is around €20. It might be quite expensive however, you’ll be contributing to history because your funds will be used to renovate this beautiful building. It is a popular destination for a good reason. Therefore, don’t skip it. The crowds will be the least of your concerns as you gaze at the forest of coral trees.

This spot operates a timed entry system due to the crowds. This means that you’ll have to buy tickets for a specific period. You should visit their site and do this in advance because it’s highly unlikely to get the time slot you need upon arrival. The Sagrada Familia guide has all the details about this spot.

4. Gothic Quarter in Barcelona

We’ve allocated you three hours in the Gothic quarter because it’s one of the best areas in Barcelona. And it’s worth your time. This area has been entirely pedestrianized thus making it easy for you to wander and get to learn history.

There are a lot of things to see here. They range from Palau de la Musica to the Picasso Museum. You can spend days wandering in this stunning area. This place is also home to several eateries. You should find an attractive menu and fill your stomach.

You should also spend some time walking down La Rambla (the most touristy street) and exploring the Mercat de la Boqueria – the most famous market in Barcelona. Once you’re satisfied, head along with the Liceu metro stop on this street to find your next transport to Castell Montjuic and Grounds.

5. Castell Montjuic and Grounds in Barcelona

If you are still energetic, we recommend heading up the city and finishing your day in the Castle Montjuic and the surrounding gardens and then to the Magic Fountain. Castell Montjuic is 180 meters above the city. Therefore, you are going to have an amazing view of the entire city as the sunsets. This spot is free to enter. And it’s open until late.

After you’ve satisfied your city viewing needs, it’s important to time your visit around this amazing city to get the opportunity to visit the magic fountain and watch the sunset from the Palau National. This is a 20-minute walk from Castell Montjuic through beautiful gardens. Getting your timing right will make it easier for you to finish off your day in style.

But wait, there’s more – Optional extras to do in Barcelona

If you want to squeeze more into your day, here are a few optional spots that you can visit in Barcelona:

  1. Park Guell in Barcelona

This is a huge garden complex located north of central Barcelona. Developers had originally planned it to be a garden housing development. However, only two houses out of sixty were built. The park showcases some of the best ideas and talents of Gaudi. It’s a great spot to visit. However, it’s usually crowded. It offers a great view of the city.

2. Casa Mila in Barcelona

Another famous house that was designed by Gaudi is Casa Mila. It’s only a few meters from Casa Batllo. Therefore, you can visit this place as an alternative if you want. However, there are some sections of the building which are not open to the public. Take a look at its exterior and figure out if it’s worth your time.

Tips for first-time travelers to Barcelona

  • Barcelona is known to be notorious for pickpockets. Therefore, you need to keep your belongings secure especially on public transport and busy tourist areas.
  • Barcelona is one of the best destinations in the world. This means that it’s likely to be crowded all year. It’s important to go through some of the best survival tips in Barcelona to enjoy your stay.
  • Barcelona is one of the areas with its own language in Spain. However, the locals are warm and charming. They’ll help you get to your destination.
  • Food in the city is cheaper than in most European countries. You can get a weekday lunch deal with a three-course meal and wine for under ten euros.

Tips to save money during your stay in Barcelona

As a traveler, there are a few ways you can save money in Barcelona:

The Barcelona card

The Barcelona Card is an official city card that you can get at the Barcelona Tourist Office. It’s available in two versions namely the standard and express version. The standard version can be purchased from three to five consecutive days while the express version can only be used for two days.

The normal version allows you to get free access to several attractions and discounted prices to other attractions. You’ll also use public transport for free. The express version comes with free public transport for two days and several discounts. However, it doesn’t include free entry.

  Go Barcelona Pass

The Go Barcelona Pass is more expensive than the Barcelona Card. However, it includes free entry to several attraction sites including Casa Batllo. The card also comes with:

  • Free bus transport
  • Free bike tour
  • Free Barcelona walking tour
  • Free boat tour

If you are planning to visit the spots that are covered with this card, you’ll save a lot of money.

Barcelona City Pass

The Barcelona City Pass is a new card that prioritizes convenience and covers attractions that most visitors like to visit. With this card, you can visit the Sagrada Familia, use the bus and get a 20 percent discount on other attractions in the city.

There is a lot of information out there about this beautiful city. It’s important to do your research and plan your day in advance to avoid costly inconveniences. We hope this guide will help you spend a few extra days or weeks in Barcelona.

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