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Ford Bronco 2022 – Outer Banks edition


Exploring Savannah with the 2021 Ford Bronco!

After being off the market for over 20 years, the Bronco has been revived and everyone has been beyond excited to see what this new car can do. We took the Ford Bronco 2022 Outer Banks Edition to Savannah with us for a road trip.  

Though it is a four hour drive from Atlanta to Savannah, you can never be prepared for the traffic or weather you will encounter. Between both of those our 4 hour ride turned into a 5 hour one. But we were mighty comfortable in the Bronco Sport. 

Easy to navigate front dash in the 2022 Ford Bronco

One of the features I found really appealing about this 2022 Ford Bronco Outer Banks edition is the trunk of all things! It sure was roomy and could hold a lot. But what I loved was the material that was used in the trunk of the Bronco. It helps hold most things from slipping and slider around. When we travel to visit family or like most recently when we went to a lake house we carry a lot of things with us. I like that the surface really helps hold items in place.

Trunk surface in Bronco helps hold items in place

Our home for the first two nights in Savannah was the Mansion on Forsyth. What a gorgeous hotel! Check out some of the photos from the Mansion on Forsyth below.

The Mansion on Forsyth in Savannah

Our first night in Savannah we had what was the best dinner of our entire stay in Savannah. This was at Husk in Savannah. The original Husk is located in Charleston and this one opened in 2017. We love how they renovated a historic home and turned it into a beautiful space.

If you are looking for a romantic evening in Savannah this is it!

Husk restaurant in Savannah

You should know that if you are going out in any number places in downtown Savannah you will need to parallel park. I loved how our backup camera in the Bronco really helped with parking. Protip: metered parking tends to end at 8 pm.

Useful backup camera in the Ford Bronco
Another pretty building in Savannah

I don’t know about you, but I love buildings that were once something else and have been converted into a restaurant. Case in point in this restaurant that was once a bank and is now an Asian restaurant called the Vault.

They kept the bank vault and have turned it into a private dining space. You can see that below left. Again, parking was tight and we went to dinner before 7 pm. Why is my hubby holding up 3 fingers? His thing is finding us the perfect table to dine when we go out. This was our third table. The first was sitting eye level with people’s rear ends on bar stools. No thanks. Second was the patio with a bunch of screaming kids. Pass. We finally got this table by the front window that was worth all the swapping.

The Vault restaurant in Savannah was once a bank

Wormsloe site in Savannah – a must visit when you go to Savannah!

Wormsloe is about a 15 minute drive from downtown Savannah, or the Forsyth Park, area where we were staying. It is so worth driving there to check it out. There is small entrance fee to get in, but well worth it. Besides this long street with Spanish moss covered trees

It can get really crowded on weekends and even on Friday when we visited it was super busy. There were are group of instagrammers that took about a zillion pictures as we waited for our turn.

One the things I love about Savannah are the gorgeous historic homes you find all over the city. I could drive around for hours looking at these beautiful homes. I love that the city has preserved so many of them. Check out some of the homes we saw when we visited. Thanks to the Ford Bronco Outer Banks for being our fun ride!

Check out this awesome Ford Bronco!

What is the cost of the 2022 Ford Bronco? We had the Bronco Outer Banks edition, but find other pricing below.

Base model Bronco rings in at $29,995 and goes as high as $58,905 for the First Edition. Other packages are:

Big Bend ($34,880),

Black Diamond ($37,545)

Outer Banks ($40,450)

Badlands ($43,590)

Wildtrak ($48,475)

Everywhere we stopped we had admirers of the 2022 FordBronco. People kept saying what a cool looking ride it is. And they weren’t even driving the charming SUV! We loved the super sporty Outer Banks edition of the Ford Bronco.

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