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Make waves with the Revlon Hair Tools curling iron

revlon curling tools

Allow me to introduce you to my favorite new hair styling tool, the Revlon Hair Tools curling iron!

This post was sponsored by Revlon Hair Tools as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

While I like to look my best when meeting up with friends, family gathering or date night with my hubby, I’m a no nonsense kind of girl. I spend about 15 minutes doing my makeup or maybe 20 -25 if it is a special occasion. Any more than that is just not worth the fuss for me. I don’t always style my hair before going out, unless it is a special occasion. One of the reasons being that it just takes so long to do so. So anything that eases up on the time it takes to style my hair is a winner in my book.

revlon curling iron

Revlon Hair Tools curling iron

The Revlon Extra Large Paddle Brush is terrific for using while I dry my hair to get my hair perfectly straight and primed for curling. And the Revlon Extra Thick Elastics are perfect for sectioning my hair off during the curling process. Even with my thin hair these bands wrap tight enough to keep my hair separated.

However, I’ve been using the Perfect Heat Long Lasting Curls – 3/4” Curling Iron for a while now and it is by far my favorite! The 3/4” barrel style gives me medium size curls I love. There are some fantastic features to this styling product:

  1. It heats up quickly (within 30 seconds)!
  2. Plus it has an auto shut off
  3. I love the metal resting piece that comes with it so you don’t have to worry about setting it right on your counter
  4. The grip is easy to hold.
  5. Tangle free cord

using revlon curling iron tools

My hair is pretty much dead straight. In the summer, though, I always end up using a straightener on it as the humidity in Atlanta is awful and frizz is my enemy. But in other seasons, I can skip that step in my routine. So I like to use that time to add some curl to my mane. Often times, I find that I can quickly add curls on one side, for a little bit of extra sass. I love the way I get a perfect curl in about 30 seconds with the Revlon Perfect Heat Curling Iron.

revlon before and after curl

Revlon Styling tools before and after

There are some other features that have nothing to do with styling but are fantastic. First off, I have one deep drawer in my makeup area that I keep for my hair dryer, curling iron and straightener. Inevitably, these cords get tangled up (yes, I’m not always great about wrapping them like I should). But the no tangle cord on this Revlon curling iron makes it easy to get in and out of the drawer with little fuss. The swivel cord also makes it easier to style the back of my head! Plus I love the wire resting piece that allows the curling iron to be elevated a bit instead of sitting right on my counter. It’s also very accessible. You can purchase the Revlon Hair Tools curling iron at Walmart!

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