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Pearl Cleage has a sensational new play about finding your purpose

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Life gives you purpose at full throttle: takeaway from women’s empowerment play, Angry, Raucous, And Shamelessly Gorgeous

By LaTria Garnigan
You can go no wrong with a Pearl Cleage production. As the writer-in-residence of the Alliance Theatre, Cleage has written many riveting plays and continues to dazzle us with her thoughts and words.

I was able to attend the opening night of “Angry, Raucous, And Shamelessly Gorgeous,” her newest work for the theatre. In short — it was AMAZING. I remember first hearing of Cleage many years ago, when Oprah Winfrey chose her to write the poem “We Speak Your Names” for her Legends weekend and then I discovered her book, “Baby Brother’s Blues” that I instantly fell in love with.
Since then I’ve seen a couple of her plays as she’s taken up residence here in Atlanta. So I was too ecstatic to attend this new production.

“Angry…” was definitely entertaining. And being a play within a play, Cleage seamlessly wove in mention and some passages of August Wilson’s works. And along with that nostalgia several key themes were present in the presentation.
I took away a few key jewels from the play but the main one was the notion of finding that one thing in life that gives you purpose and going at it full throttle. No matter how crazy it seems to others, if it’s something gnawing inside of you to do, then you owe it to yourself to at least try.

This really struck me with the performance of the character Pete. Her decision to pursue acting was something that no one would have chosen for her — given her background. And it was a choice that she was hesitant about herself, but she knew it was truly what she wanted. As someone who is currently stuck in “what am I going to do” mode, this truly resonated with me and was a gentle reminder that no matter your walk of life, we all have trepidation about truly walking into our dream life.

From beginning to end all four actresses put on quite an engaging performance and held my attention for the duration. Each person had such a commanding performance and really stood out on their own while truly giving the audiences some wonderful characterizations. I found myself rooting for each person. There was no one favorite. There’s still time for you to catch this performance, make sure you check it out by April 14 at the Alliance Theatre!

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