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LegalSpark – get quick answers to your legal woes with a few clicks and $50

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Have you ever had a legal issue that you wished you could just ask one or two quick questions? Now you can ON YOUR SCHEDULE with LegalSpark.

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How does LegalSpark work exactly?

For a fee of $50 you have a access to pick the brain of a lawyer for 20 minutes on your schedule. No subscription is required. When you visit their site (you don’t have to sign up for an account either, yeah!), you choose what area you want advice on: bankruptcy, business, criminal defense, family, estate planning…basically there’s a lawyer for pretty much every question you could possibly have.

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You’ll have to enter your credit card information and from there you can either have the first available lawyer call you or you can choose from a list of lawyers that specialize in your problem. If you choose to have the first available lawyer from this legal advice website call you, you should receive a call in 10 minutes. If you choose one from the list, they promise to call you back in 24 hours. From there you have 20 minutes to ask the lawyer that calls you anything you want.

How was my LegalSpark experience?

First, let me give you some background into my legal issues. As a freelance writer, I often take contracts from various entities. After writing several article for a website, they assigned me some stories back to back. Since they’d already paid me, I figured they were good for the money. Then after several months had gone by of no payment, I started to get worried. Phone calls and emails up the ladder to company executives were met with “we’ve had some financial setbacks but promise to pay you.” And then there was just nothing. No returned emails or phone calls. I had made my peace, as much as you can, with the fact that this company had stiffed me. Ironically they are called the Liberty Project and say they stand for truth and justice – isn’t that ironic?

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Fast forward a couple years and I happened to see they are still going strong, albeit having taken down any articles I’d written. But the fact was, they has contracted me to write articles for them and I’d fulfilled my obligation.

My question for my attorney was do have recourse do go after them? I have all my emails and correspondence even from their accountant who acknowledged I was owed the money. After speaking with the attorney, his advice was to cut my losses. Because the cost of his issuing a demand letter and looking further into my case would cost me about half of what was owed, he recommended that it just wouldn’t be worth the money and I appreciated his honesty.

Legal Spark will connect you with a local attorney who will give you 20 minutes of time for your $50. You should know that in most cases you will need more than 20 minutes of legal advice, but if your question is relatively simple, it can give you peace of mind to talk to an attorney.

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