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Roux on Canton, Roswell, GA, Restaurant Review

Roux on Canton, located in downtown Roswell, is one of the many restaurants that line the main drag of Canton Street. On a recent weeknight, a friend and I choose Roux on Canton to meet for dinner and catch up. As I’d had good experiences at Roux’s neighbors, Salt Factory and Inc Street Food, I had high expectations.

The restaurants on this row, all pretty much have the same layout: long and narrow. Most have exposed brick walls and a bar against one wall that is the focal point of the restaurant. Roux on Canton is no different.

I was running a couple minutes late, and Eleanor had already ordered her martini and was waiting for me at the bar. With a variety of craft beers available, I opted for one of those. They were out of my first choice but had my second, a Porter. I would have liked a glass but wasn’t offered one and by the time our server came back to take our order I was half done with the beer.

Having a hankering for fried green tomatoes, we decided to share that. Too bad it was so disappointing. The tomatoes were so thick, they totally overpowered the “fried” part, rendering each bite extremely bland. The house remoulade sauce did little to make the starter any better.

We ordered everything – the appetizer and our entrees, Seafood Pasta and the Shrimp Po’ Boy all at once, fearing if we didn’t we’d be there all night as service was dreadfully slow. The seafood pasta was quite tasty, with large shrimp, calamari and mussels in it. My Po’ Boy, besides being oyster, not shrimp, was another disappointment. It was overstuffed, as advertised, but I didn’t taste much of anything other than that there was something fried on my sandwich. I was, however, able to discern that the “fried stuff” was oysters.

I didn’t say anything about the mistaken sandwich, knowing by the time it was rectified we’d probably be waiting another 20 minutes. There seem to be about 12 – 14 tables in the restaurant and only two servers. Not sure if they need to hire more servers or better ones – ours seemed either oblivious or just didn’t care that she’d left us waiting for such long periods of time. Perhaps there are some treasures on the menu that I’ve missed, but I’m not in a hurry to go back and seek them out.

946 Canton St.
Roswell, GA, 30075
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